Saturday, February 7, 2009

CG dumps 09

Some craps I've done last month and beginning of this month.
Lack of motivation to CG coz of the school works.


Matthew Lau said...

soul calibur! cool stuff man

Phyllis Cheung said...

do u like these cartoons men??
good,not bad,so cool~

Donovan Liu said...

finished darkstalker yet

Domee Shi said...

Wow your cg skills have improved a lot since the last time I saw'em! 8o Maybe you can give a sharper edge to parts of the characters to give them more dimension (like the guy's arm that's coming forward, and the girl's raised leg?) Great stuff tho, lotsa movement :)

Chris Lee said...

woot- close her legs!!
..sorry lol
i really like the face of that guy
pretty cool pretty cool

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